lunes, 16 de septiembre de 2013


En seguida, de la mano de Breathe Plastic Records, tendremos disponibles las siguientes cintas:

- Appollonia - Among Wolves CS
The perfect link between the power of hardcore and the misty ambiances of post rock. File between Envy, Isis and Neurosis. 
- Dresden / Leningrad - Vader CS
Rising from the ashes of all that is doomed, Dresden/Leningrad is here to bring an ode to those who gave their life to The Father. The riff marches, the devil's song buzzes over the battlefield that is bombarded by the kettledrums of hell. Tread the tracks of your fallen brothers, Dresden/Leningrad is your leading light through No Man's Land. Dutch stoner/doom.
- Ishmael - Hell Is Empty And All The Devils Are Here CS
Violent, misanthropic doom, blended with sludge and bound with ale - equal parts despair, disillusionment and all-out hatred, steeped in alcohol and thrown to the baying crowd. (6 remaining)

El precio de cada una de ellas será de 4€ mas gastos.

Por otro lado esta habiendo retrasos con las cintas de Misty Grey, pero llegarán! 

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